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"awakening your exotic senses"


"awakening your exotic senses"


"awakening your exotic senses"


Made From The Most Expensive Perfume Ingredients of The World

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Make your every moment – A moment of freshness

Fresh Fragrances

Explore a family of fresh, sharp fragrances, Uplifting and soothing, these fragrances quench sun-soaked skin and keep you refreshed throughout the summer

Floral Fragrances

Explore a family of fragrances bringing to life a symphony of floral accents, all suffused with a lingering whisper of romance

Oriental Fragrances

The Historic Fragrance family classification that encompassed notes.

Oceanic Fragrances

Oceanic Fragrances for the Professional in You! Refreshing, delicate, with a clean scent, a man-made synthetic substance that delivers an ocean-like sensation

Woody Fragrances

Discover a family of fragrances exploring the enigmatic beauty of woods, the woody family takes you on a journey full of bewitching and unexpected scents

AboutMy Perfumes Select

The exclusive magic of luxury perfumes. The perfume label MY PERFUMES from the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1993 in Dubai by Firoz Baugwala with the aim to create authentic oriental fragrances of the highest value. The focus is on tradition, magic and elegance of Arabian perfume art. The alluring collections from My Perfumes appeal to our sophisticated, most discerning international patrons who appreciate the true mastery in perfume creation and the highest quality in everything our brand provides.

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Fragrances You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Step into the world of blissful fragrances! My Perfumes Select brings to you long-lasting fragrances for men and women.


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