The Earth Edit – Between Illusion & Reality – A Story Unfolds

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The journey of a perfume collection from an idea to reality, is a journey of surprise, awe, inspiration and frustration too. Add to it an obsession for perfection, a quest for the best ingredients and an ambition to pitch those ingredients to play out an allegory of dramatic proportions. What is born out of this obsession is a pinnacle of creative synergy, where the art, science and passion for perfume alchemy blends into a metaphor to beauty. Introducing The Earth Edit – an allegory of five surreal experiences.

The Earth Edit
As a bold and lavish, ultra-luxurious niche line of contemporary odes to the ancient art of Middle Eastern perfumery, The Earth Edit captures the timeless allure of the earth as a whimsical creative force. It is an exploration into the subtle and powerful moods and manifestations of the earth, through an analogous wild and unpredictable world of perfume alchemy.

From mythical gardens, rainforests, celestial songs, winds whistling secrets through thick green canopies to raindrops piercing the heart of sapwood and weaving a fragrant tapestry, the collection weaves an aura of unparalleled sensory experience of elegance and sophistication, wrapped in layer after layer of the fabled Arabian mystique.

Extrait De Parfums And the Wild Whimsical DanceOud WoodThe famed oud from the rainforests of Assam adds magical mystique

A selectively curated, handpicked palette of pure rich perfume absolutes, coming from the best centers of the world is played against a background of two highlight ingredient accords as the collection experiments with the concentration of perfume extraits (highest form of pure natural essence) and coaxes the ingredients into unveiling their most whimsical and hidden facets.

We have to say a divine serendipity played a definitive role in bringing together the most dramatic ingredients as our master perfumers experimented and traversed myriad permutations to finalise a powerful yet delicately nuanced, sparkling, dramatic, delightfully contrasting poetry of notes and accords.

Iris Roots
The Italian Summer Shines in the Earth Edit
We always desired to the take the artisanal route vis-à-vis the process and the ingredients. The quest to gather the premium quality ingredients saw the team look for the most authentic sources of pure natural perfume extrait. From the sunny hill slopes of Bulgaria came the most precious rose oil, distilled within an hour of being harvested. From India, the rainforests of Assam, contributed the most expensive dhanal oud, while Mysore lent the softly billowing creamy trails of the finest sandalwood. The vast sun-kissed fields of Madagascar gave us the delightfully inviting pure vanilla essence while the Italian summer shines in the delicately nuanced bright iris notes of the Earth Edit.

The packaging itself is a highlight that houses the bottle like a precious possession. Inspired by the famous landmark, The Dubai Frame, the box integrates technology to shine a spotlight on the beautiful, bold and colourful bottle as it illuminates the box with a soft light when turned.

From The Earth Patchouli And Sandal

Soft light highlights the bottle like a precious Jewel

Delicate Artisanal Artistry Meets Bold Designer Perfumery  

The heavy bottles, magnetic caps and the bold M logo – an emblem of the My Perfumes Select, juxtaposes style, opulence and confidence. It is pertinent to add here that four P’s have constantly guided us as we traversed this journey of love and passion. Perfumes. Presentation. Perfection & Presence. We wanted to bring you a collection that had a definite presence and would be an owner's pride and the ultimate gift.

Produced is small batches to ensure utmost quality, The Earth Edit straddles the world of niche artisanal artistry and designer perfumery with great finesse.

Let us explore the five chapters of this fabulous odyssey of mysterious extrait de parfums, where each fragrance is a journey into definitive epoch of perfumery splendor.

Shades of Oud

Exotic. Intense. Irresistible. Magical Mystique | Shades of Oud

Shades of Oud is a modern ode to the art of oud and elevates the ritual of oud to modern sensibilities as the oud note is pitched to a delicately nuanced and sophisticated tenor.

It reimagines an exotic rainforest, amidst a celestial downpour, whispering ancient secrets and weaving a magical mystique.   

The Lost Rose And Musk

Romantic. Dreamy. Seductive. Intimate | The Lost Rose & Musk

The Lost Rose & Musk is a delicate, romantic and an intimate journey. The musk note holds the pure absolute essence of Bulgarian rose like an eternal dream.

A dreamlike fragrance that reimagines a mythical lost garden of love, unravelling its mysteries; casting a spell and transcending time.

Gourmand Vanilla And Iris

Sumptuous. Bright. Flamboyant. Stand out | Gourmand Vanilla & Iris

Gourmand Vanilla & Iris is simply a flamboyant celestial celebration. It paints a canvas of a bright clear skies, flowers in bloom, and the wafts of ripening vanilla aloft the breeze from faraway vanilla fields.

This sumptuous, bright and flirty, sweet powdery gourmand floral- woody bouquet is an instant mood enhancer. An aromatic accord spiced-up by cardamom, lends it a carefree buoyancy while the dry woods ground it in a dreamy earthiness.

Unexpected Amber And Jasmine

Fresh. Bright. Flamboyant. Indulgent | Unexpected Amber & Jasmine

Unexpected Amber & Jasmine is a fragrance of love. A bright floral voyage of fantasy, through a blooming garden of love, wrapped in a celestial dream. 

A delightful and addictive melange of fresh floral accords with subtle green facets. Neroli lends this perfume a sweet honey like facet; the sweet woody - musky base is seduced by a floral bouquet in bloom. 

A celebration of the unexpected, where amber and jasmine orchestrate a complex, intoxicating and sumptuously flamboyant deluge - a delightful love story. 

From The Earth Patchouli And Sandal

Seductive. Ethereal. Earthy | From The Earth Patchouli & Sandal

From The Earth Patchouli & Sandal: When the yearning earth becomes a celestial song, a dreamy, creamy, seductive trail is born. Let the fragrance of mystique become your language.

This scent invokes narrow forest trails, flush with the fragrance of flowers, woods, and earth soaked in a heavenly downpour.

The perfume opens on a bright citrus profile, traverses through a sweetly heady white floral bouquet settling down into a very seductive woody and musky trail.

An Invitation to Sensory Delight

Each fragrance of The Earth Edit is a chapter of a surreal beauty and sensory delight that transports you beyond the realm of time and tangibility. With the hope that you enjoy this artisanal collection as much as we enjoyed developing it, we invite you to a journey of discovery and delight, we invite you to The Earth Edit collection – where every scent is a story waiting to unfold.

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