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A Guide To Choose The Perfect Perfume Gift For Someone You Love …

While we believe in celebrating love and affection every day, we are going with the flow of February as the month of love. And if you have been caught up in the urgencies of everyday life, like we all are, do take a deep breath and a moment to appreciate special people in your life.

We believe a gift goes beyond the material. A thoughtful gift can turn the ordinary act of giving into an extraordinary moment - a lifetime of cherished celebration. And if you are on the hunt for the perfect expression of your feelings, we are here to help convey your sentiments with a touch of elegance.

Perfumes are an ideal gift as they evoke emotions and memories, thus resonating at a deeper level. Selecting the ideal perfume, as a gift can be little daunting, though it really need not be so, as the process can be a satisfying and meaningful gesture and most importantly, fun. Join us on a journey where sentiment meets careful consideration as we help you navigate the intricate world of fragrances and find the perfect scent for your loved ones.

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Consider Their Fragrance Choice

Avoid the common mistake of choosing a fragrance based solely on your preferences. Instead, delve into the recipient's likes and dislikes, style. Consider their existing fragrance collection, identifying the scent notes they favour and any gaps that a new fragrance could fill.

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Pick The Scent According To The Occasion

In addition to personal preferences, it’s also important to consider the occasion for which the perfume is being gifted. A softly romantic subtlety seductive perfume like The Lost Rose & Musk may be a perfect expression of love for a day date, while  you may want to consider a slightly more powerful and warm Shades of Oud for night-outs. Similarly, Magic Rose blossoming with fresh floral notes might be a great pick as part of casual perfume wardrobe but you may consider something more powerful like Redolent Musk to lend you more power and authority for formal gatherings.

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Think Beyond The Scentand Make a Connection

As previously mentioned, scent is closely connected to memory, so it is common to feel an inclination towards a scent based on association. For example you might be drawn to fragrances that remind you of your mother or father, or perhaps a place like your school or a time- your first vacation. When gifting someone else, little thoughtfulness at establishing a link to something personal, a special person, a memory and a time, can go a long way to create a cherishable moment out of the gift.  

Consider Personality

An effective approach is to focus on the individual’s personality traits when choosing a scent, as conveniently, fragrance tends to be described in the same way as a person’s spirit. For example,

  • Embracing Minimalist Elegance, amidst the myriad of choices, there's a fragrance that resonates Amber Soir with those who find beauty in simplicity.
  • Edgy Allure: A strong daring personality, with an attitude to match, calls for Oud Nectar with its bold confident notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and oud.
  • Subtle Sophistication: For the aficionados of understated allure, Smoky Jasmine weaves a delicate tapestry of subtle tones. It's a fragrance that whispers sophistication in every note.
  • Forever Classic: Stepping into the realm of timeless sophistication, Redolent Musk is the epitome of classic style. With enduring appeal, this fragrance captures the essence of refined grace, standing as a testament that true style never goes out of fashion.

Shades Of Oud

The Luxury Buff

For those with a penchant for luxury, our fragrances make a perfect gift. Luxurious packaging, heavy bottles and rare, precious ingredients make the Earth Edit series a connoisseurs delight. La Folie Du Jasmin is another floriental fragrance offering enduring a sensorial experience like no other.

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The Everyday Addict

For everyday charm and appeal, explore Musk Love EDP. This versatile fragrance is designed to complement the daily adventures with a touch of allure.

The Gourmand Fanatic

For those with a penchant for gourmand sweetness. Gourmand Vanilla & Iris can be a perfect gift. The fragrance weaves an invitingly delectable aura that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Gourmand Flower

Add a Twist

While it is safe to predict what the person you are gifting likes or dislikes and buy accordingly, sameness can become boring. Dare to be adventurous at times. Nothing is more memorable than a surprise experience. Experiment with totally opposite notes like if your special someone plays it safe and classy, gift a perfume that is playful and edgy like Vanilla Cake.

Play It Popular

When still in doubt, go with a scent that is popular. If you are still  not sure which perfume to buy, you may do well to take a look at our ‘bestselling’ perfumes Nude Rose, Vanilla Noire, Magic Rose, Shades of Oud etc. This is a safe option; they are popular for a reason and the fragrance notes are loved by nearly everybody, so you can’t really go wrong. The more familiar someone is with a given scent or note, the more likely they are to give it a thumbs up.

Walk into Our Store: Experience the Magic & Mystique

Hopefully this helps to break it down and makes buying perfumes easier! Nothing works better than walking into our stores and experience the mysteriously magical and sumptuously delightful world of fragrances first hand.

A well-chosen fragrance is a gift that can freeze a moment in time to make it a beautiful memory. We are always more than happy to help you create some beautiful memories.

So why wait any further?

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