My Perfumes Select is an unabashed love story with the romance of the fine art of perfumery. It is a pioneering creation of a classic series of scents that is an ode to the history of fragrances.

Creating the very first EDP with 0% alcohol, My Perfume Select is an innovation of luxury. The niche fragrance is one of the purest blends of French and Oriental smells, defining it as a brand with longevity and luxury. 0% alcohol is gender on the skin and works with all skin types and sets it apart, further enhancing its worldwide appeal.

The My Perfumes Select journey set out to capture the essence of every individual as a unique reflection of themselves. A fragrance that would introduce them before they even spoke and then linger on long after they left.

The word “My” reflects so many facets of every individual’s persona. “My” epitomizes pride and exudes self confidence that reflects the aura of each individual. “My” denotes self love and describes someone who wears this effortlessly. “My” reflects a unique personality that’s distinct, elegant and timeless.